Hi, I'm Katie!

My dream is to work at

So... why should you hire me?

You need a fearless & innovative
team member who:

I tell captivating stories.

At Stanford, I studied History and
Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

What do they have in common? Storytelling. The art of presenting unfamiliar users with clear but nuanced information, while steering them towards a new action or idea. A story can be told with a song, a sketch, a letter, or a piece of code, but the best stories all have one thing in common: they hold their audiences captive with delight.

I create custom experiences.

I don't settle for vanilla. In 2007, I started customizing plain white shoes. What started as a gift to a host in Japan soon turned into a global business, and I've since sent hundreds of unique, hand-painted shoes to customers in over 15 countries. My success allowed me to create a free art therapy program at the Stanford Children's Hospital and later a collaboration with Vans, Inc. for their "Custom Culture" campaign. Click for gallery!

I live for the details.

While I never lose sight of the big picture, it's the little things that get me fired up. Details are the difference between a Motel 6 and a Frank Lloyd Wright. I want guests and hosts to experience the latter, in both their physical and digital interactions with Airbnb. With that in mind, I have tons of ideas for enhancing the user experience.

This is my prototype for a feature that allows guests to view their past trips. I created it with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Final Cut Pro. Click here for details!

I know & love Airbnb.

What can I say? I am absolutely crazy about your company, culture, and mission. Booked my first night in 2010 (c'├ętait magnifique!) and recently listed my own place. I know I will add great value to your team by helping customers around the world fall in love with Airbnb's product and community the way I have.

But that's just the beginning.

For more information about my goals, experience, and qualifications,
please download my cover letter and resume.

You can read my answers to the application questions here!

I would love the opportunity to talk to you, and can be reached at


Hope to hear from you soon!